Installing Your IDX Link

1. Navigate to the IDX Manager in Flexmls: Menu>Preferences>IDX Manager


2. Under the My Links tab, in the right-column for each link is the option “Get Link”. You have two or three choices. Copy your link:

Screenshot_from_2018-03-27_15-36-55.pngDirect Link – This is the address(URL) of your link. This can be installed as a Hyperlink on your website.

<a href=”//,XX‘”>Click Here to Search the MLS</a>

    Example: Click on the map and the link will open in a new window.

iframe – If you’re using HTML to edit your web page, copy and paste this code into your site editor to display the link inside of your page.

<iframe src=’//,XX‘ frameborder=0 width=100% height=650></iframe>

    Example: Notice the link is framed within the site.

Listing Widget – This iframe HTML code will display a condensed version of the listings of your saved search link. Click on (preview) to see it. The listing widget is only available for saved search links.


You may want to contact your website provider to figure out the best method for your site.