Measuring IDX Success With Alternatives To Google Analytics

By Mike Price

Your Website Is Not A Field of Dreams

“If you build it, they will come”.  Yeah…maybe in a Kevin Costner movie, but when it comes to your website, you’re going to have to put in some work to reap the rewards. It’s my job to help you make the best decisions when it comes to creating and deploying an IDX strategy.

Outside of the obvious leads generated and direct requests for information from your CTA’s (calls to action), how do you know if you’re maximizing your site’s potential? That’s where web site analytics come into play.

Free doesn’t necessarily mean easy.   

In late 2005 Google launched “Analytics”, a free tool for tracking and analyzing the visitors to a website. Over that period of time the platform has grown into a complicated morass of code that can be difficult to understand even for someone with fairly advanced technical acumen.

Recently, there have been a few developers who have identified the complexity of Google Analytics as an opportunity to create tools that are easier to understand for the average small business owner or entrepreneur like yourself, and that include only the necessary information to determine a site’s effectiveness. For the next several months I am going to introduce you to some alternatives to Google Analytics, the first of which will be:

gauges2.png has a super simple set-up process. Provide your basic contact information and submit. The site instantly generates “tracking code”. Copy the code and paste into the HTML of any page on your site that you want to track. Wordpress users can install the tracking code to all web pages with a simple one time install via’ Wordpress Plugin. Once the tracking code is installed, you can generate reports by simply logging into your account at



Just The Facts Ma’am reports include everything you need to determine the basics of where your traffic is originating from, the top content on your site, the search terms people use to find you and much more.

I highly recommend creating saved searches and neighborhood pages  Be sure to include the proper SEO content including titles, description and keywords. When you go back to generate reports, you will be able to “Gauge” your SEO efforts and adjust accordingly.

Check in next month for an update to this article. We will have another analytic tool for your consideration.

In the meantime, our super-smart IDX specialists are ready to help you with more information and a FULL, FREE DEMONSTRATION of our LIVE Data IDX solutions. Schedule your time slot now!