Using the Embed Block

Step 1 - Add the Embed Block

  1. Open a page or post editor.
  2. Click an Insert Point or the +.
  3. Select Embed from the menu.
  4. For more detailed steps, visit Adding blocks.

Step 2 - Enter a URL

Note: You'll need a URL for a site that uses oEmbed code. If the content doesn't appear, then enter embed code manually using the </> icon.
  1. Enter the URL of the item you're embedding.
  2. If we recognize that item can be embedded, a "Successfully Located" message will display below.
  3. Alternatively, you can click the </> icon in the URL field to display or edit the embed code.
  4. Click Apply to publish your changes.


Error message: "Enter a valid embed URL or code"

This messages displays if there's an error with the embed URL or code. To fix the issue:

  1. Open the Embed Block editor.
  2. Add valid embed URL or code.
  3. When a valid URL or code is entered, a "Successfully Located" message will display below.

If your embed code still isn't working, we recommend contacting the third-party service that provided the code for help.

Embedded content isn't displaying

As a security measure, sometimes embedded code or content doesn't appear when you're logged in. As long as the code is valid, it should display to visitors. To check that visitors can see it, try logging out of your site and visiting it, or opening it in an incognito window.