IDX Lead Management

IDX Lead Management for flexmls IDX Subscribers Company and Office-level logins have the option to activate a new tool to help distribute leads generated by the company or office IDX site. To enable this feature, call the FBS IDX team at 800.437.4232 or e-mail

When Lead Management is enabled, under Menu > Preferences > Portal Preferences > IDX Lead Management, users may now select Lead Management Options. Using the drop-down list, select a method for distributing the leads who sign up using the office website.

Round Robin -In Round Robin assignment, agents are assigned leads sequentially. Once each agent under has been assigned a lead, the sequence starts over again.

  • Lead Acceptance Timeout: After a lead is assigned, if this amount of time passes without the agent accepting or rejecting the lead, the lead will be withdrawn and assigned to a new agent.
  • Timeout Active Period: Leads will only expire between the times that you set below. For example, you may only want a new lead to be assigned and expire between the hours of 8am and 5pm (business hours)
  • Leads can expire on: Use this selection to determine whether you would like leads to expire on weekdays only, or on any day of the week.

Random - In random assignment, leads are assigned to an agent picked at random.
Least Leads - The Least Leads method assigns a lead to the agent that has the lowest number of overall IDX Leads. In the case of a tie, an agent is chosen at random from those having the lowest number of leads.

Manual - Manual Assignment allows you to manually pick an agent to transfer the lead to, rather than letting the system automatically assign the lead for you.

Manually Assigning Leads When a new lead is generated from the office IDX site, a message will be sent through flexmls messaging and an email notification will be sent concurrently. Using one of the links in the message, you may assign the lead to any agent in your control.

You may also assign the lead from the Contact Management page. You may choose to have a column of information on the page to list whether a contact was generated as an IDX Lead. Under this column, click on the link to assign the lead, or while the contact is selected, click on the button marked Assign Contact.

Lead Management Report
To review current settings for Lead Management, navigate to Menu > Contacts > Lead Management.

On the first page, select the agent or agents you would like to include in the report. To select multiple agents, you may click on a name, hold the mouse button down, and move the mouse to highlight a section of the list. Place a check in the box if you would like to exclude members who are not receiving leads – this check box will override selections above, so that the report would only list those agents who are receiving leads.

On the report, you can review any Unassigned Leads, Leads who have been assigned, but have not yet been accepted by the agent, and a full list of agents. For unconfirmed leads, click on the link marked Reassign Lead to manually reassign the lead to another agent. Click on the agent name to select, or for offices with more than twenty-five agents receiving leads, begin typing the name of the agent, then click Assign. On the list below, sort by any column header, or use the radio buttons to make changes to which agents are receiving leads.