Step 1 - Select Link Name & Type

1. Once you have navigated to Preferences > IDX Manager click on New (top-right) to create a new link.


2. Title your link


2. Select the type of link you wish to create. Options available will be:


Link Type Description
My Listings Display your current listings.
Quick Search Selecting quick search as your link type will allow you to choose one of your quick search templates. A quick search template contains the fields you wish to allow your visitors to search the MLS with. These templates can be created and edited under Preferences>My Quick Searches.
Saved Search The saved search link type will allow you to select any custom search you have created under Search>Saved Searches. Unlike a quick search, in a saved search link, you are pre-selecting the criteria for the user (i.e. Residential listings from $100k-$250k).
Roster Search If the flexmls IDX link is for your office site, you can use this link type to allow visitors to search for agents in your office.

 3. There will be two checkboxes below the Link Type: