Hotsheet Links

1) Create or select an IDX link that you would like to use as the base for your link.

2) Copy and Paste the direct link or iFrame into your website editor.,xx

3) Now you’ll need to add some parameters onto the link so it will narrow the listings


This will tell the link to only display new listings, add this to the end of the link:,x&listingevent=new

You can also include more listing event types:

status Status change
bom Back on market
price Price change
new New Listings

You can include multiple values by separating each type by a comma like this…,xx&listingevent=new,bom,status

4) Last you’ll need to tell the link how far back to search (in hours), we’ll use this parameter:,xx&listingeventhours=168

Your link will now display new listings in the past week:,x&listingevent=new&listingeventhours=168