Open House Link

  1. Go to Search>Quick Search

  2. Select the quick search template you’d like to use. It is recommended that you use the same quick search template that your MLS search link uses. The title of that quick search template is usually “Property Search“, “Public MLS Search“, “MLS Search” or “Public Property Search“.

  3. In the search fields column, scroll down to the bottom and click on the Open House Date field

  4. Enter the amount of days you want to display the next scheduled open houses

  5. Click on Save on the top right and select Create IDX Link

  6. Once you name the search and click Save again it will bring you to the IDX Manager.

  7. Complete/Confirm the information in Steps 1-4 and click “I’m Ready Save This Link."

    *If the Portal is set to OFF there will not be a Step #4*