Neighborhood or Location-Based Pages

One of the best ways to use the various widgets in the flexmls IDX plugin is to create pages of information about specific markets you cover. Creating market or neighborhood pages makes your site easier for visitors to navigate and is a good way for search engines to index your site.

The flexmls IDX plugin makes creating and maintaining these pages easier by allowing you to create templates using draft pages (so they don’t show up on your site). Once you have a template created, you can then reference that template when you create a neighborhood or other location-based page.

Creating a Template

You can create a template by saving any page as a “draft”. You can use any of the widgets in any fashion you want on that page. When the draft/template is then selected as the template for a published page, the location settings will be replaced with the location specified for the published page. So, basically, the published page ignores all the location settings of the template and uses the location specified for the published page.

Tip: When creating your template, you can use the text “{Location}” (without the quotes) in the titles or elsewhere in the page and that text will automatically be replaced with the location chosen when creating your pages as described below.


Using a Template or Creating a Neighborhood Page

Once you have a template set up, there are two ways of creating a neighborhood or other location-based page (e.g., a hot sheet).

1.  Under the Pages menu in WordPress, there will be a new option called Add Neighborhood.  Click this menu and you will see a page that looks like this:

Parent Page:  This allows you to organize your pages under a parent page to make menu organization easier.

Neighborhood Template: Select one of the templates you’ve created.  Only “draft” pages will be shown in this list, so if you mistakenly published your template, it won’t show here.  Go back and change the status to draft and it will appear in this list.  Note:  You also may want to leave this option as “Use Saved Default.”  The default is set under the flexmls IDX option under WordPress Settings menu, allowing you to change the template used or all pages more easily.

Location:  This is the key to creating the page, as the location (city, zip, etc.) selected here will replace the location settings in the template page.  You can only select one location per page.

Create: Clicking the Create button will create and publish a new page with the title of the location selected.  Tip: Because the system uses the location name for the page name,  organizing your pages under a parent page is useful.

2.  You also can create a page based on a neighborhood template by using the Neighborhood Page short-code, which can be inserted using the short-code generator.

Once you insert the short-code, you can then add any other text around it to supplement the page.

ExamplesMarket stats and hot sheet pages are just some of the examples of the types of pages you can create with location-based templates.  You also could combine market stats with hot sheet slide shows, adding searching, or any other widget to your pages.