Step 4: Portal Registration

Look for this SmartTip icon to walk you through each step! ​

If you do not see Step #4 in your Link Editor, the Flexmls portal is most likely disabled. You can enable your portal by going to Preferences > Portal Preferences > Portal Name & URL turn Portal Enabled to Green and click Save.

When your portal is turned on, users will be able to sign up on your Flexmls portal and their information will be added to your Contact Manager in the Flexmls.



Now that you have the Flexmls Portal enabled, it's time to determine when you want your site visitors to register with you.

In Flexmls, go to Preferences>IDX Manager. Click on the Link Editor tab to get to Step #4: Portal Registration.

Show registration – These are the options for user registration on your links.

Before Viewing Search Results Select this option if you want to have the registration show up before any search results are displayed.
To View Listing Details This option will allow visitors to view results in a short summary format. If they want to view details, they will be asked to register.
After ______ minutes have passed You can set this time frame to your liking. The minutes begin as soon as your site visitor arrives on your website. They'll be asked to register when the time has lapsed.
After ______ searches have been performed You can allow your site visitors to perform as many searches as you would like them to before they are asked to register.
After ______ listings have been viewed This option will allow your site visitor to view only a specific number of listings before they are asked to register.
Allow visitors to skip the above registration option If you have selected any of the registration options, this option will allow the user to click cancel and continue to search without signing up.

When you have completed your choices, click the Save Button:

TIP! Try a different registration option now and then to see which performs the best. You can always go back in this area and change the registration option without breaking the link.