Lead Capture/Generation

Under Preferences > Portal Preferences you will find all of your settings related to lead management.
You can also search for 'Portal Preferences' in the menu:

Each link you create in your IDX Manager has a list of options of when to require the user to sign-up or sign-in to your flexmls portal. When editing an IDX link, go to Step #4: “Portal Registration”.

If you check the last option, “Allow visitors to skip the above registration options”, the registration pop-up window will add a “Maybe Later” button and allow the user to continue browsing listings.


You can require the address and phone number fields by going to Menu>Preferences>Portal Preferences>IDX Lead Generation in the flexmls system. Under Required Fields check the address and/or Phone Number, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Save”.

If you would like to change the email address that your lead notifications go to you will need to add another email address to your Flexmls account if you haven't. Navigate to Menu > Preferences > My Profile > My Email Addressses (Some users may need to contact their MLS).

After adding your email address go to Menu > Preferences > Portal Preferences > IDX Lead Generation. Find the 'Send lead notices to' option and choose the correct address:

Save your changes when complete. All new lead notifications will now go to the specified address.