Step 3 - Install the API and Google Maps Keys

Click on Flexmls IDX option under the menu in WordPress.

Versions before 3.13

  1. Click on FlexmlsIDX > Settings > API Settings option under menu in WordPress.
  2. Copy/Paste the API key and secret you received from FBS into the boxes provided below, and then click the Save Credentials button. If you entered the key and secret properly you should see a green box that says  mceclip0.png

Google Maps Key (optional, yet recommended):

In order for maps to display on your website, you must include a Google Maps API Key:

Application Restrictions

An application restriction controls which websites, IP addresses, or applications can use your API key. You can set one application restriction per key. 

API Restrictions

API restrictions specify the enabled APIs that this key can call.

Navigate to to the Google Maps Tab to enter your key:


Default Map Height: Enter a height value in px. (i.e. enter 350px)

Google Maps Javascript: If checked, the Google Maps JavaScript will not be loaded by the plugin. Use this if your theme or other plugins already load the Google Maps Script and your API Key.

Step #4 - Style Settings