Neighborhood Pages Are Blank

We will be removing the Add Neighborhood page in Q3 of 2022. This will not remove the existing neighborhood widgets/pages applied on your site from the past, they will continue to work. We are recommending using the IDX Listing Summary and IDX Slideshow widgets for displaying the listings on your website pages.

If you don’t have any widgets saved to your neighborhood template(draft page), then no widgets will show in all of your neighborhood pages.
The neighborhood pages you create will look to the template to know which widgets to display for the location you have selected.

Here is an example of using the neighborhood widget for the city of Fargo…

Please note there are six market statistic widgets on the top portion of the page and the Listing Summary widget on the bottom.

Now if you look at the city of Moorhead page, which also uses the neighborhood widget…

You’ll see the same set of widgets from the Fargo page display, but for Moorhead instead.

Both the Fargo and Moorhead pages use a neighborhood template. The purpose of the neighborhood template is to contain the widgets to display on each neighborhood page you create.
The neighborhood page must only be saved as a draft page. So our neighborhood template contains six market statistic widgets on top and the listing summary widget on the bottom.
When we create a new neighborhood page (under Pages>Add Neighborhood In WordPress OR Neighborhood Page in the shortcode generator) we select the neighborhood template(draft page), then select a location…

For more information please visit our neighborhood documentation page.