Detail Fields

Parameter name: the field’s name

Detail fields may only be referenced by their display values, with any white space removed. Parameters are case sensitive. As with main list fields, the detail field must be a field present in the saved search or the quick search. The detail’s group is not referenced in the parameter; for example, if a detail “Dishwasher” is in the detail group “Appliances”, the detail name is needed but the group name is not.

The characters #.{}|^~[]`+?& should be omitted from the field name.

Examples using the various data types of detail fields are below.

Detail Field Data Type Description Example Parameter
Text fields Parameter must include text to for which to search &CondoName=Waterly
Yes/No fields Possible parameters include Y or N &RentalSignAllowed=Y
List fields Parameters must exactly match the list items. Since a detail list field may only contain a single value, specifying multiple values separated by commas will return listings that match at least one of the specified values. &LakeName=Cormorant,Ottertail
Date fields Parameters follow the same format as main list fields: MM/DD/YYYY . A date range may be specified by including two dates separated by commas. &LeaseExpiration=04/13/2011,04/13/2012
Numeric fields Ranges may be specified by including two numbers separated by a comma. &AssociationFee=100.00,200.00