Capture Leads Using HyperLocal Saved Searches

 By Mike Price - FBS IDX Solutions - Trainer



The only thing that has changed in this age old mantra is the fact that all of the related information is now being delivered digitally. Prospective buyers and sellers want to know what you know about neighborhoods. How important is it? Here’s just one of many facts that validate it: 78% of buyers in a NAR study said that the quality of the neighborhood was more important than the size of the house.

Need Fresh Lead Capture Ideas?

Providing great local information at a granular (Hyperlocal) neighborhood level can be a winning lead generating strategy. Most real estate sites and portals miss the mark by including the same links to the same dry data resources that do nothing to impart what it’s like to actually LIVE in that neighborhood. That’s where your value as a Real Estate professional comes into play.

The Benefits

By combining your unmatched insight into neighborhoods along with LIVE Data IDX saved searches, you have a powerful presentation unique to you and your brand. It also improves the ability of your pages to be ranked better in search engines.



The Steps 

So, how do you go about creating your HyperLocal IDX Page? Take a look at the Neighborhood Guide Pages created by one of our great FBS IDX Solutions Clients, Nick Bastian, to see how some of the following content has been created and delivered so effectively. The following outline is just one strategy. There are many different ways to craft this type of content and I would love to see how you're using hyperlocal as part of your strategy.

  1. Create A Description
    Write an introductory paragraph about the neighborhood outlining the unique features, amenities and why people love to live there. Get some quotes from neighbors or local business people. You can take it step further by adding super short video interviews asking people why they love the neighborhood.
  2. Add Market Stats
    Include Average Pricing, Low to High, DOM, Inventory Etc. If you’re using the FBS IDX Wordpress Plugin it’s easy to add this via the market stats widget!
  3. Create Your Points of Interest List
    Create your list of amentities. Schools, Events, Restaurants, Dog Parks, Public Parks, hospitals, places of worship and shopping
  4. Create & Implement Your Saved Search
    Use your SmartFrame IDX Link From The Flexmls IDX Manager or Use Your Wordpress IDX Plugin Listing Summary Widget to add LIVE Data IDX home search to the page.
  5. Publish Your Page
    Create as many neighborhood pages as you can for your site and add them to the navigational structure of your site.
  6. Adjust Your SEO Settings
    Be sure to change the SEO information for each page to have the descriptions and keywords narrowly focused on the neighborhood and it’s unique features. Here are SEO instruction links for WIX, Weebly, and Squarespace. If you’re using a different platform, check your help or support links for specific instructions.

Not using FBS IDX LIVE Data IDX as your home search markeing solution? We’ve made it super easy to add a great home search experience to your website. There are great calls to action built right in that are designed to engage your prospects and convert them to leads. Use the form below to get started with a free demo.

Here’s to your success!
Mike Price