My Map Overlays

The My Map Overlays feature in flexmls can also be used on your website using our IDX Smart Frames.
1. Search for 'My Map Overlays' in the menu:

2. Here you will see all of your Map Overlays available to you. You can edit an existing one or create a new one:

3. Click the New button and navigate to your location on the map. Use the toolbar on the bottom to create your shape:

3. Click on Options & Permissions in lower right corner. Check the box for Public Access (for IDX & Portals). 

4. Use the Save button in the upper right to save your overlay:

5. Start a new Quick Search and select your polygon:

6.Click on Save > Create IDX Link in the upper right:

7. Name the search, click Save. It is going to bring you to the IDX Manager. 

  • Make sure to click Save at the bottom of the page.