David Vs. Goliath. Use Your FBS IDX Site To Win The WWW War

David Vs. Goliath. Use Your FBS IDX Site To Win The WWW War

“It’s like water coming at me from a fire hose”. That’s how a real estate professional that was just getting started described her experience to me regarding her web marketing efforts. I get it, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the vast number of sites competing for consumer eyeballs. The good news? You can turn the fire hose off! By combining the kind of content prospects desire with the power of FBS IDX home search, you can capture QUALIFIED leads without having to become the expert on all things.

Quality Vs. Quantity

The big portals (Trulia, Zillow, etc…) seem to dominate when it comes to generating traffic - and a lot of it. Winning colossal page views isn’t your goal, however. Prospective buyers and sellers -especially today’s information-empowered consumers - want to tap into your knowledge and expertise. When It comes to the ability for clients to search for listings, IDX was created to level the playing field with the ability for you to display the entire MLS with your contact information associated with the listing results. By powering your site with FBS IDX, you also have the edge of providing the only true “LIVE” data results with listing data that is up-to-the-second fresh.

A Home Vs. A House

So you have a site powered with IDX, what can make it the kind of destination that a prospect will use as their “go to” resource? The answer is content. This is where you have the ability to really set yourself apart. It’s no mystery that “a house is not a home”. It’s the nucleus of everything that takes place in someone’s life. Your knowledge and experience about all of the things around that home that are important to lifestyle can’t be replaced by an algorithm or some sort of artificial intelligence. When creating your content, think personal, think “hyperlocal”.

Use Your Words

Use your content to tell a story about the neighborhoods you service, sharing the knowledge you have gained by walking the streets, meeting the neighbors, drinking in the coffee shops, and walking your dogs in the parks. Or, by simply having listed and sold a number of homes in the area. By painting a lifestyle picture, you provide information that is unique to you and your brand. Truly qualified buyers and sellers will spend much more time on your site and find that you have the ability to deliver when it comes to home search. It’s not as difficult as you might think.

So what do you write? And do you have to be “a writer”?

No prose required. People want content that is relatable. Describe the unique features and events at schools, places of worship, entertainment, shopping and more. Prospects spend a great deal of time on the web before making the selection of a real estate pro and establishing your unique insight in a human way that allows your own voice and personality to shine, will strengthen your position as a true professional that cares about a transaction that, by nature, is an emotional one.

Engaging content will not only keep you “top of mind”, it’s more likely to get bookmarked. You can easily repurpose this information by modifying it and including it in all of your social channels with links back to your website. But be careful to make sure that you do not just copy the same content. Search engines will reduce rankings of duplicate content.

Another no-no is just doing what everyone else does: creating lists of links to census data, school districts, and the chamber of commerce are the same things you can find in dozens of other places and could lead your prospects away from your site and invitations to create a portal account (and in doing so, becoming your lead.) An FBS IDX powered site allows you to work seamlessly with Flexmls to capture information that moves right into your Flexmls contact manager where you can then establish a relationship that you can be nurtured into a lifelong client.

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Track Your Progress & Promote Your Site

Websites are living documents. One of the best things about web marketing lies iis that you cansee how your site is performing, where the traffic is coming from, how people are finding it, how long they stay there and much more. By using an analytic platform, you can make the necessary changes to your site to continually improve.

Always include your site’s address and deep link to the relevant pages on your site in all of your social media efforts. Also, don’t forget that a little thing like embedding an IDX saved search in your e-mail signature can go a long way toward improving your ability to capture qualified leads.

Go Forth & Capture

Your website is a cornerstone component of an overall marketing effort. With IDX as the great equalizer, you CAN compete where it matters, and capture leads!

Here’s to your success!

Mike Price – FBS IDX Solutions Trainer


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