Refund and Cancellation Policy

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Billing: Recurring Fees for FBS IDX Products are charged in advance on a periodic basis
and are non-refundable. There will be no refunds or credits for partial service periods,
upgrade/downgrade refunds, or refunds for service periods unused with an open

Cancellations: Subscribers are free to cancel their subscription at any time by
contacting . However, as already stated, there are no refunds for
unused portions of a subscription. Cancellations merely prevent future, automatic
renewals and charges. FBS will cancel the account and deactivate the product if a
Subscriber is delinquent on subscription charges; we make multiple attempts to inform
the primary contact on file for that account of an upcoming renewal payment and of a
payment not received, over a 30 day period, and using both email and phone calls
before deactivating service. It is a Subscriber’s responsibility to ensure that the contact
information and credit card on file is up-to-date to prevent service interruption. There is
a $50 reactivation fee after an account has been deactivated.

Refunds: The first 30 days of initial service is considered an “Evaluation Period” so that
Subscribers can examine a product’s capabilities. During this time, if a Subscriber finds that the product does not meet their needs, they may request a refund of the full amount paid, less any activation fees. If they do request a refund within 30 days of the date of their initial purchase or, in the case of renewals, 30 days of the renewal date, we will reimburse the Subscriber to the on-file credit card and for the full subscription fee paid again, minus any activation fees.  We do not charge
any kind of fee for this service. The only other situation in which a refund may be
considered is if there is a technical issue with our product which cannot be resolved by
our support team, or when a resolution to those issues cannot be guaranteed within 30
days of its being identified. Such refunds are still subject to other limitations, listed

Refund requests are handled through our sales team who can be reached by emailing - we do our best to keep response times below 24 hours to resolve
your issue quickly and without complication.

Other Refund Conditions and Limitations

Situations when a request for a refund would be denied:

  1. The request for a refund is made more than 30 days after the date of purchase or
    the renewal date (whichever applies.)
  2. The request for refund is made for reason of product failures that are not
    • Please understand that we cannot refund if our product does not
      perform tasks it is neither intended to perform nor advertises it performs. Therefore we
      only offer refunds on technical grounds if there are problems with our product for which
      we cannot offer solutions.
    • Further, we cannot be held responsible for compatibility issues with any 3rd-party products a Subscriber or his/her Developer may have installed, or customizations those parties may have made to our products.
    • Our WordPress product will work with most, if not all standard WordPress themes. Should there be any customization done to a theme and/or layout editor, we cannot guarantee compatibility. Therefore, a refund cannot be issued.
  3. In cases where there are technical difficulties for which our support can provide
    • It is vital that in case of difficulty or issues the Subscriber cannot resolve
      themselves, that they contact our support and work with them towards a solution. This
      helps us improve our product functionality, and makes sure we know which problems
      you are facing. Therefore a Subscriber is only eligible to claim a refund after he or she
      agrees to let our tech-support assist them. The same applies if the Subscriber has not
      received their product key / activation information automatically. In which case,
      Subscribers should get in touch with our support team to resolve the issue and they will
      get a response within 24 hours (subject to operating business hours.) Support can be
      reached at
  4. If the Subscriber provided inaccurate contact information upon purchase or
    changed their contact information and did not notify us and, as a result, did not receive
    product activation or renewal reminders sent to them.
    • Upon purchase, the Subscriber will be emailed a purchase receipt and activation information. If they do not receive these within 24 hours of purchase, they should:
      • check SPAM / JUNK folders and then, if the email still cannot be found,
      • contact us at .
      • Prior to the renewal month for a subscription, we send out a renewal notice notifying the primary contact on-file that the on-file credit card will be automatically charged and on what
        date. After the charge has been made a purchase receipt is emailed to that same contact. It is important that we have accurate contact information on-file for each Subscriber for this reason, otherwise notification information will not be received. Not receiving these notifications as a result of failure to update contact information with us, is not a reason for us to provide exceptions to our 30-day refund period.
  5. Your MLS or Association chooses to leave FBS for a different MLS vendor.In the event that your MLS or Association leaves FBS for another MLS vendor, refunds on NEW subscriptions purchased within the last 30 days will be granted by email request. Renewals do not qualify for a refund. New subscriptions after 30 days have passed since original purchase do not qualify for a refund.
  6. Once any refund is issued, the corresponding license will be deactivated.