IDX Showcase. A Profile of FBS IDX Wordpress Plugin Excellence

Mike Price – IDX Trainer

The Lion & The Chihuahua

You’ve heard the stories. The web is killing a certain segment of the business world. Amazon is crushing local retailers. Travel agents are all but a thing of the past and so on. The same things have been said about real estate since the now infamous speech made by a former NAR president in which he said “The lion is coming over the hill, and Realtors are like chihuahuas arguing over the bone.” ~Bill Chee - 1993

The Good News Is…

… your true value proposition as a real estate pro is alive and well.

Sure, technology has made things a lot different in how you conduct business, however, the underlying concept of broker reciprocity continues to help you work super smart and creatively every day to capture that hard-earned market share. There agents and brokers just like you crushing it and using the web as their most important tool instead of being intimidated by it. Concentrating on the real market within your sphere of influence and using tools like IDX as part of the marketing and transaction foundation of your business, you can set yourself apart and grow, year over year.

It can give you the leverage to compete and position you to continue capturing a larger share of leads. Plan your work and work plan with great content and LIVE data IDX. The site I am showcasing in this profile is a good example of how a website can utilize IDX as content in a variety of different ways to establish a marketing resource that can compete for lead capture and win big!

"Real estate, at its heart, is a local business driven by agents and their personal relationships. The local level is the highest level. And that local level is where you have the opportunity to make the biggest impact. Think about this: No one can stop you from being No. 1. Your success is not dependent on what others do. It’s about what you do. You get to lay the groundwork to be No. 1.” ~ John Davis,


Widget Wisdom

Today’s showcase represents a Wordpress site that combines excellent implementations of the plugin widgets along with other top-notch content and a professionally designed theme. is home to the website of Gabe Fitzhugh, a REALTOR in Jacksonville FL. The site features a stunning, local dusk skyline photo as the backdrop the FBS IDX home search widget right when you land on the main page of the site.

  • The layout (interface) of the site highlighted by a good color palette has the navigation and social media elements easy to locate and provides quick 1 click access to content.
  • Directly below the search on the main page and “above the fold” (can be seen without scrolling) are a portal account invitation & login screen. Generated from the “Log In” widget, It’s a powerful call to action (CTA) that shows prospects the benefits of establishing a portal account. It captures information that drops right into Gabe’s Flexmls contact manager and allows him to establish and nurture that relationship toward a successful transaction and beyond.
  • It’s also notable that most every page includes this CTA. This is a very smart way to take advantage of every opportunity for lead capture.

If you’re already using the FBS IDX Plugin, it’s just a couple of clicks to generate the code you need to just cut, paste and drop it into your blog posts or in the sidebar of your site. If you have a large enough footer in your theme’s design, you might want to consider putting it there and then you’ll automatically have it on each page.


IDX = Great Content navigation menu includes a menu item titled “BUY”. It features a drop down of 3 options:

Search For Homes For Sale: This option opens a page that implements the IDX Home Search Widget.

  1. Featured Listings This page utilizes a saved search that uses the IDX Slideshow Widget to show a 3 column display of thumbnail listing images sorted by price
  2. Search By School This is a great hyperlocal application of IDX as content. By creating saved searches based on the location of properties within elementary, middle and high schools, each mascot logo links to a saved search page that displays a 3 column IDX slideshow widget.

Neighborhoods features a comprehensive neighborhood guide that uses IDX to generate fantastic hyperlocal content. The link features a dropdown of 8 different neighborhoods. Each resulting page has a sub menu that opens each neighborhood page with a Market Report, thatfeatures 4 different market condition graphs generated by the IDX Market Stats widget: Median Price, Sale To List Price, Days on Market & Current Inventory. Below the graphs is a 3 column IDX Slideshow Widget display of sold homes. The other tabs in the menu for Homes For Sale, Open Houses and New Listings link to pages with a 3 column IDX Slideshow Widget generated from a saved search.

Ready For The Road

IMG_1645.PNG was built using a theme that is referred to as “responsive”. This means the entire site was constructed to display content differently depending on which device you’re using to access the site. It can’t be overstated how important it is that your site is responsive to mobile devices. 70% of the traffic to a website originates on a phone or tablet. When I review a website, I start by using an older iPhone. This gives me the opportunity to view the content from the same perspective as the largest percentage of visitors to the site. By taking the time to view the analytics of your site, you can determine for yourself how responsive your site is. Whether you’re building it yourself or using a developer. By doing a regular review of your site’s traffic, you can make sure that it’s performing the way it should, no matter what people are using to view it.

Additional Content

Gabe’s site is a great example of a hyperlocal real estate resource. The content on the site is not overwhelming and has been established to keep the visitor engaged. There is a CTA on each page to download a home buying guide. Providing something of value in exchange for contact information is a proven strategy. also has a blog. Rather than just putting a BLOG link in the navigation bar, the site has column in the sidebar for Buyer Information and Seller Information, under each heading are blog post links to relevant posts. This is an effective way to allow visitors to easily find content specific to the reader. The bottom right of each page has an icon that allows the visitor to instantly send Gabe a text. I’m willing to bet that he’s received a few from people standing right in front of a property, eager to find out more.  

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Conclusion is just one great example of a real estate professional that has harnessed the power of Wordpress and the FBS IDX Solutions Wordpress Plugin. There is a reason that almost two thirds of the sites on the web today are powered by Wordpress. Sites from a one person jewelry shop to multi-national companies like CNN use the same code. You can too!

If you already have a Wordpress site, just getting started or thinking about going to that next level, set up a free live demo of the FBS IDX Solutions Wordpress plugin by using the form below.


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