Save Editable Search to Contact’s Portal

Save a Search to a Contact’s Portal: Save To Option

From a search results screen, click the Save button and select Save Search.

On the Save Search screen, there is a new Save To option that allows the agent to save the search to Agent (themselves) or a Contact. Each option is explained below:

Save to Agent
Selecting Agent will allow the agent to save the search and it will appear in the agent’s Saved Searches. If the agent also selects a specific contact on the Save Search screen, the search will appear as an agent provided, non-editable search in the contact’s portal. The contact will be able to view the search, but will not be able to edit or delete it.

Save to Contact
Selecting Contact will save the search as an editable search in a contact’s portal.

Next, select an existing contact or create a new contact and click Save to save the search to the contact’s portal.

Note: if you create a new contact, you will want to create a portal account for the contact, so they will be invited to the portal and be able to view the search.

The saved search will not appear in the agent’s Saved Searches. It will appear on the contact’s Portal tab in Contact Management where the agent click it in order to view the search results or delete it. If the agent views the search, it is treated as a Portal Saved Search and the agent will not be able to edit the search. The search will also be accessible from the Contact Summary screen.

Your Contact Can Edit the Search from the Portal
If you selected Save to Contact on the Save Search screen, your contact will see the search in their portal and be able to select the search and click the Edit Search button to edit the search criteria.

Note: if the client changes the current search criteria and saves the search using the same name, it will save overwrite the original search criteria so there is only one search. They can also choose to rename the search when saving it, creating two searches each with different search criteria.