Resizing your photos to upload on your Spring IDX website

There are various places on your website where you will want to upload a photo, for instance, your company logo, your About image, or your Hero image. 

It is very important that you upload an image of a sufficient size and resolution to display clearly on your site, otherwise your image could appear blurry or pixelated.

If you need to resize your image and do not have software on your computer to help you resize your image file appropriately, there are a number of free, online programs that can help you do that.  

One particularly user-friendly system is The below instructions refer to resizing your image file on this website. However, you are welcome to use any other program or site to achieve the same result. FBS is not associated with in any way and does not guarantee its results.

Resizing your image at 

  1. Visit 
  2. Click Browse to find the picture file on your hard drive that you would like to resize
  3. Once you see a preview of your image appear, click Continue To Edit Picture
  4. In the Crop and Rotate your picture screen, scroll down to the Resize Your Picture area and under “Select a new size for your picture” choose “Custom” and enter the values 100 pixels wide by 100 pixels high
  5. You should see a square crop tool appear over your image, above. 
  6. You can use this square crop tool to drag the square to cover the area you want to include in your final image. Note, anything grayed-out and outside of the crop tool will be cropped out.
  7. Once you’re satisfied with your crop selection, click on the Crop Selection button to the left of the image
  8. Now scroll down until you reach the “Save As” and choose image file format either PNG (should be the default) or use the drop-down to select JPG.
  9. Click “I'm Done. Resize my Picture”
  10. On the next screen select “Save to Disk” and select a location on your computer’s hard drive to save your image to.