Tutorial: Adding SmartFrame To A Wix Website

Wix.com is a powerful DIY website platform. Combing LIVE data IDX Smartframe searches with their awesome real estate template systems is straightforward and easy. If you're looking for a search engine and mobile optimized option for your home search website, Wix might be the answer for you. 

Wix Instructions: https://support.wix.com/en/article/wix-editor-embedding-a-site-or-a-widget 

Adding an embed

Add an embed to your site directly from the Add Elements panel. You can choose whether to add a code snippet to your site, or embed an external URL.  

To add an embed to your site:

  1. Click Add Elements  in your Editor.
  2. Click Embed Code.
  3. Click Popular Embeds.
  4. Choose the type of embed you want to add to your site:
    • Embed HTML: Embed a code snippet to display a widget on your site pages and set it up.
    • Embed a site: Display an external site in a window on your page.
  5. Click your chosen embed to add it to your site.
The Code tab of the Add Elements panel in the Editor. HTML and site embeds are highlighted.

Setting up an embed

After you've added an embed, enter the relevant code snippet or URL to set it up and display sites and widgets to your visitors.

To enter the code / URL:

  1. Click the embed in your Editor.
  2. Select the relevant option to enter the details:
    • HTML: 
      1. Click Enter Code.
      2. Enter the snippet under Add your code here.
    • Site: 
      1. Click Enter Website Address.
      2. Enter the URL under What's the website address?.
  3. Click Apply to save the snippet / URL.
  4. (Optional) Enter alt text for the embed under What's in the embed? Tell Google.