What Are My Domain Options?

Here are your choices when setting up a domain for your new SpringIDX site:

  • Option 1: We can purchase a domain name for you and manage all aspects on your behalf (includes only ONE domain name, if they want multiple, they get to buy for themselves and forward them).
    We will assist in researching a domain suggested by customer for availability. Then, FBS will purchase the domain and manage all of the settings for the customer. 
  • Option 2: Forward an existing domain name to your Spring website.
    For this option, customer will log in to their domain name manager and make the necessary DNS Records changes to their settings. FBS will provide the DNS Records they will need.
  • Option 3: Provide us with login credentials to manage your existing domain name to make the changes.
    If you are comfortable with providing access to us to make the DNS Records changes for you, we can do that. We just need to know the domain host (ie. GoDaddy, NameSecure, etc.), the login and the password.