In the Settings section of the Site Manager click the “Customize Site” drop down menu and select Footer:

  1. Custom Text - This block allows you to include a headline and a brief paragraph about you and your site. Utilizing descriptive keywords and phrases that are likely to be used in searches can have an impact on your site’s overall search engine optimization as the footer is displayed on every page of your site, including all search results. 
    • Start by entering your headline text.
    • Next, enter your descriptive paragraph. In order to optimize the size of the paragraph, this field will stop accepting characters when too many have been entered. Remember to mention the geographic area and/or neighborhoods you serve. It can be a good idea to write your content in a Word document first, edit, and then copy and paste it over here when you’re ready. This will make it easier to make revisions in the future and ensure you don’t lose text you’ve written in the event you get disconnected from your site for some reasonmceclip1.png

  2. Social Media Links - Start by entering the headline for this block such as Social Media Contacts. You can include links to your facebook page, instagram page, twitter handle, youtube channel and your LinkedIn profile. If you do not have an account for any of these, just leave the field blank.mceclip2.png

  3. Contact us links - Start by giving this block a headline. 
    1. Enter your preferred phone contact
    2. Your Preferred Physical Address Link 
    3. Your E-Mail Address

  4. Custom link block - Give this block a title such as “Additional Resources”
    • Enter the full web address to the link you would like to display such as your broker site.
    • To add additional links, just click the “add another link” button and repeat the process with your new web addresses