Create A Neighborhood Page In Your Spring IDX Agent Site

Step 1. Create Saved Searches

Log into your Spring IDX Agent website, perform a search for the neighborhoods you would like to feature and save them.

Set up the Search using the Advanced Search Filters:

Once you have completed your search click Save Search. Name your search, uncheck the subscribe box and click on Save. This will save the search to your Spring Account. 

Step 2. Stage Your Content

Gather the images you want to use in your custom neighborhood pages and add them to the media section of the Site Manager in your Spring IDX Agent website. Alternatively, if the images are on the web already, you can add them to your pages with their website link.  It also helps to create the copy for your custom page ahead of time so you can just cut and paste it into your new page.


Step 3. Create your neighborhood page 

Log in to your Site Manager, under MANAGE, select site pages, then click the Add New Page button. Create your custom neighborhood page by adding content and images What kind of content? Click here to download our free guide!


 Add the links to your saved searches to your custom page. To find your links, click on your profile photo at the bottom left of your Site Manager, go to “listings”. To save the link to your saved listing, right click on the arrow to the far right of your saved search and copy the link.

 You can now go back to your custom page and add that link to any text or image you choose to in that page.

savedsearch.pngWhen you’re happy with your page, you can save it.

Step 4. Add Your New Page To Your Navigation Menu

Right-click the “view” button on the custom page management section of your Site Manager and copy the address to your new neighborhood page.


Under the “SETTINGS” section of your Site Manager select “Navigation”. At the bottom of the page click “add another menu item”. Give your link a display name and under “Custom URL” paste your saved link.

savedlink.pngAlternatively you can create a drop down menu and multiple neighborhood pages to create a complete neighborhood guide.

The best way to see examples of how easy it is to create neighborhood content is to get a live demo from one of or IDX specialists. Each of them have awesome live demonstrations of hyperlocal saved search and they can show you how fast, smart, and easy it is to do all on your own.

Let’s make this Fast, Smart, and Easy. Get a demo from one of our IDX specialists now.



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