Sidebars & Footers

Depending on the theme of your WordPress site, you likely will have one or more sidebars available.  You can install the flexmls IDX widgets to your sidebars by:

  • Click on the Appearance > Widgets option under the menu:

You will now be on the widgets screen and you can drag and drop widgets from the left side of the screen onto one or more of your sidebars on the right side of the screen.  To help you find the flexmls widgets, they are all labeled starting with flexmls:

Some of the best widgets for use in your sidebars are:

  • 1-Click Location and Custom Searches — Include panels of 1-click search links in your sidebars to highlight for your visitors the popular locations (cities, zips, or map overlays you’ve created in flexmls Web) or searches (e.g., foreclosures).
  • Contact Me — This widget is a form that asks for name and email from your customer and will create an entry directly in your flexmls contact manager.
  • IDX Search — Provides your customers an introductory search form.
  • My Listings Slideshow — Use the slideshow widget to highlight your listings.