Applying IDX Links To Widgets

The plugin allows you to select Smart Frame IDX links from your flexmls account and apply them to widgets to narrow the listings.

The following widgets allow you to select IDX/Saved Search links from your flexmls account:
IDX Slideshow, IDX Search, IDX Listing Summary, and 1-Click Custom Searches.

Once the cache has been cleared you should be able to select your new IDX link when inserting a widget.

IDX Slideshow Widget
IDX Search Widget
mceclip4.pngIDX Listing Summary
1-Click Custom Searches

Selecting (Use Saved Default) refers to the IDX link you have set under FlexmlsIDX > Settings > Behavior > Linking & Link Settings

Tip! - If you’d like to narrow the search results to specific types of listings (e.g. active listings only), create a saved search in your flexmls account, create an IDX link for it, clear the cache in the plugin, create a new widget and select the link under the IDX Link or Saved Search drop list.