Can I have my web developer communicate directly with FBS regarding this service or must I be involved as well as a member?

IDX needs to be licensed directly to you as the MLS member. IDX feeds cannot be licensed to people or entities that are not members of the MLS for which they wish to obtain data. So, we do need your information as the member and, here at FBS Products, we require that you, as the member, be financially responsible for the subscription as it is your website that will be affected if the subscription lapses or expires. Website developers can come and go and you don’t want to be left with a broken IDX search on your site and no information about your subscription! 

However, once we have payment and your information to license the feed, we can absolutely work with and communicate with your developer to get them what they need to set up IDX on your website. Just be sure to provide your developer’s name and contact information when you sign-up.

Again, 3rd party IDX providers may have slightly different policies or processes. Please contact them directly if you would like to know how they handle this type of situation.