Classic Smart Frame Settings

Look for this SmartTip icon to walk you through each step! ​

Step 1: Select Link Name and Type


  1. Name Your IDX Link:Enter a descriptive name in the name such as "Residential for Sale."
    • NOTE: This name is publicly visible to your clients, prospects, and website visitors.
  2. Type of Link: Use the drop-down to select a link type.
    • My Listings - To display your listings only. 
    • Quick Search - Contains the Quick Search template fields for your visitors to search on. 
    • Saved Search - Contains  the pre-selected Saved Search criteria for the visitor (i.e. Residential listings from $100k-$250k) 
    • Roster Search - Designed for Office level IDX to allow a search for agents in your office.
  3. Show in My Search: Allows the search to be used within your personal Flexmls Portal. We recommend checking this box. 
  4. Default Search in Portal: Selecting this option makes the link the default search when 'New Search' is clicked within the portal.

Step 2: Select Search Options


  1. Select Your Search: Based on your Link Type selection in Step 1, the drop-down list will display all of the Quick Search templates or Saved Searches. 
    • NOTE: When you select a new option, the Link Name may change in Step 1.
  2. Search Summary: Summarizes the criteria in the selected search.
    • NOTE: Any criteria appearing in red will not be displayed in the IDX link as it removes private or IDX unapproved fields.

Step 3: Select Data Display Options


  1. Report Type: Select the Detail Report that you would like to display on your link
  2. Listing View: Choose the Listing View that will show on the Search Results page
  3. Contact Info: If this box is checked, The Listing Name will be clickable in the link
    for listings that belong to you.
  4. Disable Mini Grid Mode: Checking this box will remove the Property List on the Map Tab
  5. Allow Sold Listings: If your MLS allows sold listings on IDX, checking this box will add those
    listings to the search pool.

Step 4: Select Background Color and Branding


  1. Business Card: Select the business card to be displayed on the link.
  2. Branding Orientation: You can set the business card to show on the left, right, top or bottom.
  3. Accent Background Color: This will change the background color of the business card.

Step 5: Select Start Position and Tabs


  1. Start Position: Quick Search links default to 'Edit Search' as the start position and Saved Search links default to 'List'. If you would like the link to start on any other tab you can select it from the list.
  2. Show These Tabs: By checking or un-checking these boxes you can add/remove additional information from the link. 
    • NOTE: Not all options are available in every MLS.
  3. Allow Searching Of: Additional search options that can be added to the bottom of the search form.

Step 6: Portal Registration


  1. Portal Registration Options: Lead Capture! Determine when you want your site visitors to register with you.
    • TIP: Try different registration options to see which performs best. You can always change the registration option without breaking the link.