Broker Attribution

Due to 2022 NAR policy updates, Flexmls is making the following changes to comply with the Broker Attribution Requirement.

We have added the capability to enable Broker Attribution. This setting is controlled at the Office level and is disabled by default. No action is required and no changes will go into effect unless this preference is made active by the Office.

There is no Company level Broker Attribution field, but if you have a Flexmls Company account, you will be able to individually manage Broker Attribution for all of the Offices in your Company-level account in General Preferences under the Broker Attribution tab.

If your Office wishes to make Broker Attribution active, they can enable this in the General Preferences under the new Broker Attribution tab in one of two ways:

  • Office enters default email address or phone number for all Office listings
  • Office chooses to designate the Broker Attribution field to a Listing Agent
    • If the Broker Attribution field is designated to the Listing agent by the Office, the agent can enable their own Broker Attributions under General Preferences in the new Broker Attribution tab.
      • The listing agent enters a default email address or phone number for all Listing Agent Listings
      • The listing agent can set the Broker Attribution field when adding or editing a listing.

If the Broker Attribution field is designated to a listing agent, all of the agent’s listings will inherit the email address or phone number entered and will be included in data feeds.

Note: If this setting is disabled at the Office level, the preference will not be viewable at the agent level.

Note: If your MLS is not a member of NAR, NAR policy requirements do not affect you and you won’t see these changes in your Flexmls account.